About KinneyMunro

Our Story

Bill Munro and Brian Kinney

We have both enjoyed long and successful careers in financial services, although our individual journeys to getting where we are now could not be more different yet complementary to our wealth advisory firm.

How We Got Started

Mentored by the father of a good friend who worked at one of the largest stock brokerages in the U.S., Bill started investing when he was in high school. His mentor helped him secure internships while in college, which led to his first job at an investment bank. Brian took a less-traditional career path. A psychology major with little knowledge of financial matters, after graduating college he landed a job at a multinational financial services corporation and soon developed a passion for the equity and bond markets. Bill and Brian share that passion—as well as the desire to go above and beyond in helping clients solve their most complex financial challenges.

What We Believe

Over the course of our friendship, we came to realize that the guidance, customer service and capabilities offered by our own financial advisors weren’t sufficient or meeting our expectations. We heard the same from many of our friends. That led us to believe we could provide better services that fully align with the specific needs of clients. We are keenly focused on that philosophy—and that’s why we launched KinneyMunro.

We believe the insights we have gained over three decades working for some of the world’s largest asset managers and financial services firms enable us to break down barriers to investing success. By taking our extensive knowledge of the principles that large global investors employ and applying them to individual client portfolios, and then combining that knowledge with exceptional customer service, we help you invest in a way that seeks to avoid excessive risk, costs and fees, and illiquidity.

Where We’re Headed

In a sense, we have come full circle, returning to our early financial services roots and the satisfaction of working one-on-one with individual clients. Informed by our three decades in the industry, we aim to add value by delivering a differentiated investing experience—powered by a personalized investment portfolio and further customized via advanced wealth planning strategies, including estate and tax planning, insurance solutions and trust services—that helps you reach your wealth goals.

About KinneyMunro


KinneyMunro’s mission is straightforward: To help you plan for the future, preserve and grow your wealth and make your financial life less complicated.

To do that, we rely on our decades-long experience building, evaluating and investing in products offered to both institutional and individual investors. That experience provides insight into what drives markets.

Informed by our unique investing perspective, we plan for your future. We utilize high-quality products developed by leading investment managers. The goal is to deliver an investment strategy which produces positive performance at a reasonable cost while not sacrificing liquidity. At the same time, we are committed to educating you on the investment landscape. We will offer thoughtful, personalized investment advice aimed at preserving your wealth.

Our 4-Step Process

1 - Evaluation

Our client-advisor process starts with getting to know each other. What makes you, you? Your family, your financial goals, your concerns and your interests. We will share our background, experience and investment philosophy. We will explain the principles that guide our process and inform your tailored wealth plan. We want you to be comfortable with us, our philosophy and the relationship we will build.

Process Step 1
2. Education

2- Education

Once we have gotten to know each other and have a solid understanding of your needs and desires, we will create a unique investment plan that incorporates your goals, concerns and interests, explained in plain English. We will discuss your plan in detail, breaking down our recommendations and why we are making them. Your feedback is important, and we will incorporate it in your plan so that you understand it and are comfortable with it.

3 - Implementation

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we will concisely implement that plan and begin to manage your wealth on an ongoing basis. We will be regularly monitoring the portfolios, making sure each is performing in a way that is consistent with our objectives.

3. Communication
About Us

4 - Communication

We are your financial ally. We will be in regular contact with you as we monitor your portfolio, communicating with you about what is happening in the markets and how your plan seeks to take advantage of the markets and helps mitigate its impact. We will share insights about current market events and themes. We also want to know about how your life is changing and how these life events should be reflected in your personalized investment plan.


Brian Kinney

Brian Kinney


William Munro

William “Bill” Munro


Mike Flaherty

Mike Flaherty


Additional Support

KinneyMunro partners with Mariner Advisor Network, which gives our team access to experienced tax, trust, estate planning, investments, retirement planning and insurance professionals. We’ll bring these teams in when needed to offer you a comprehensive wealth plan. Mariner Advisor Network also provides us with IT, compliance and operational support, which frees us up to spend less time on day-to-day operations and more time working with valued clients like you to help you reach your goals and aspirations.


Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Wealth Advisor & Vice President of Strategy

Mariner Advisor Network

Ali Roth

Ali Roth

Wealth Advisor

Mariner Advisor Network

Scott Luhnau

Vice President, Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Wealth Advisor

Mariner Advisor Network

Ryan Drake

Ryan Drake

Director, Tax Planning & Preparation

Mariner Wealth Advisors

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What We Believe

You can’t replace investment experience:

Work with an advisor who has meaningful experience across markets, products and cycles.

Having a financial plan is important, but markets don’t care about your plan:

Work with an experienced advisor who will adapt to current markets.

Your life and markets are changing every day:

The key to success is having a plan and making adjustments along the way.

Taxes Matter:

It’s not what you earn it’s what you keep. Make a long-term plan with taxes top of mind.

Trendy investment products are today’s solutions to yesterday’s problems:

Avoid them.

Investment advice without context is noise:

Turn off financial television.

Asset allocation matters:

It is the engine that will drive the majority of your returns.

Sophistication simplified:

Employ liquid products at low cost.

What We Believe

Do Not pay high fees.

Do Not overreact to near-term market movements.

Do Not transact too often.

Do Not employ unneeded complexity or illiquidity.